Welcome, we're so glad you stopped by! We're the Macon's! We're a husband and wife duo fulfilling our dreams one picture at a time. 

He's the Type A to my Type B, the yin to my yang, the stresser, the realist. He's the technical to my creative. He keeps me grounded and is my biggest supporter. I'm messy, he's learned to cope.  I'm the dreamer and he helps bring those dreams to life. Getting to work with him brings me peace, comfort and happiness. He's home. My best friend in every way. We balance each other perfectly and together, we make the best team! 

We're college sweethearts; said our 'I love You's' after two days and never looked back. Our life is crazy with three babies four and under but amidst the chaos is an abundance of joy and sloppy kisses. And tantrums and tears. And so much love. 

We're a proud family of six, but you'll only ever see three children. We lost our first baby girl at 9 months old. Our Angel Aubri. A trauma we don't often discuss. Because it's heavy and it hurts but it's also brought extreme appreciation and gratitude into our lives. We cherish life more, people more, the little joys that may otherwise be overlooked. She's forever a part of our story and what makes us, 'US'. She deserves to be remembered. She's taught us that memories are what matter. Captured memories that will continue to tell this beautiful story of the life we're living and the legacies we're leaving. Which brings me to YOU! Weddings, Families, Parenthood. The highs and the lows. Life! It's an honor to capture your legacies that will forever tell your love story. 

I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile. Browse and fall in love with the LOVE you see, just as we have. Feel free to contact, we'd love to chat!